Oct 15
Music Ranch Radio presents: Nashville's Own Erick Stucky
Date: Friday, October 15th, 2021
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Jimmy's Roadhouse
424 Montana Hwy 78 , Red Lodge
Cost: $20
Website: musicranchradio@gmail.com


Erik is a dreamer..many lifetimes deep, a feeling for words and song. Time stands still for a song. The path has always been the muse. He’s been lost, he's’ been found. dark years, where the deep was tested where a truth was found..right where he needed to find it in order to know again..in the middle of the darkest night when there was no way out in any direction..a Voice, a Truth, a Light , a Love.. the great I Am. Torment turned to calm, a calm washed over ..or through. I am okay, I am okay, I am… forever and always.

​ This is a journey of growth, of lessons, of experience, to know pain, to know love, to make our way back to the true self, the unlimited consciousness..The One. Fragment and heal fragment and heal..this is exploration. This is discovery, this is always. Truth is a feeling..the heart, yes..and more, deeper. to feel is to be..music makes me feel..things out of my body..out of the physical..out of the now, into the endless, into the truth..

I want to feel, I want to shake, I want to ride out out out and in in in..and if others want, I want others to feel too.